We are planning on having a larger garden space! Wait and see how this place is going to look like in a few months! ^__^
        Last week of the Summer Internship at the garden! 
        It was learning and fruitful experience for everyone. The summer passed so fast; but looking back, we feel we have grown together with the plants! Planting practices transcend cultures and races, and bring together people from different backgrounds. 
        We are grateful to a lot of people getting involved in the process: the the campus maintenance guys who water our plants everyday; the community gardeners who passionately showed us their works on sustainability; the high school students, Chicago veterans, and UIC staffs who happily joined planting, laying the compost, and trimming...
Many thanks to the people with warm and generous heart!  
It's the last day of Claudia working at the office. So...
We prepared a surprise cake! 

Planting Day! 



        Loyola University has three gardening spaces on campus. Two of them locate on the rooftop; the other is much bigger and blends into the community. The rooftop garden gets a lot of sunshine, and the scenery is beautiful. Our tour guide Mary is in charge of maintaining all the spaces - a lot of hard work for her! They have come up with some devices to maintain sustainability; such as the rain barrels ( with a world map on it! :) and compost sink. 
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