Field Trip @ Jane Addams Hull House




Field Trip @ Chicago Center for Green Technology



We visited the Chicago Center for Green Technology to learn about environmentally friendly practices and technologies.  It was amazing to see all of the different technological innovations the center deploys in order to reduce their “foot print”. Permeable pavement, rain gardens, and large rain cisterns offset the storm water runoff on the property while reusing it for sustainable purposes like irrigation and watering vegetables. We also learned about eco-friendly building materials that was repurposed waste material for various applications like carpets, floor tiles, and countertops. Finally, we saw the rooftop of the center where a rain garden and photovoltaic cells (solar panels) could be found.
---------------Karl Novak 

Field Trip @ Atkin Garden - West Campus UIC



We visited the Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden located on UIC’s west campus. Here, we were led by a doctor from UIC’s College of Pharmacy to tour the garden space and learn valuable information about medicinal plants.  Many of the plants were researched due to their local cultural uses for aiding in pains and ailments of the human body. We adopted several of the plants found at the garden for our own heritage gardens.  A seed exchange between the Atkins Garden and the Heritage Gardens may take place later in the season.

--------Karl Novak
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El Valor locates in Pilsen neighborhood and works with 4000 families in the Chicago area to enrich and empower people with disabilities. Their community garden is our primary goal. We are amazed to find a lot of heritage plants there and how organized the space is.  We also get to see their artwork and the kitchen space where they cook using the locally growing ingredients. 

--------Jessica Zhang